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Our Firm

Gresham Investment Management LLC (Gresham) has been managing client assets since 2005. Gresham was founded by The Falconwood Corporation and has pioneered the management of diversified commodity investment portfolios using exchange-traded futures and forwards. Our Tangible Asset Program® (TAP®) began trading within Falconwood in January 1987 and predates both the S&P Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg Commodity Indices. As of March 31st, 2024, Gresham manages $7.1 billion for a variety of clients, including public and corporate pension funds, endowments, corporations, health systems, insurance companies, pooled investment vehicles, other investment advisors, and sovereign wealth funds, based in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Gresham has a highly experienced team of investment professionals with the senior management team averaging over 20 years of investment experience trading commodities.

Gresham is registered as an Investment Adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, a Commodity Pool Operator and Commodity Trading Advisor with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and is a member of the National Futures Association and the Futures Industry Association.

Gresham continues to be at the vanguard of strategy creation for commodities, specifically including a joint venture with Caixin Insight to develop the first Chinese Commodity Indices.

Caixin Insight and Gresham's Chinese Commodity Indices can be found on Bloomberg (Ticker: GRESHCCI) and Thomson Reuters (Ticker: .GRESHCCI).


Gresham offers a range of diversified strategies that seek to offer our clients the benefits of systematic exposure to a wide range of commodities and commodity groups through instruments including commodity futures, forward options, and over-the-counter commodity contracts. Commodities are tangible assets such as oil, gold, and wheat. Like non-tangible assets (such as stocks and bonds), commodities offer the potential for investment return with associated risk.

Our flagship strategies, which include our proprietary Tangible Asset Program® (TAP®), Adaptive Tangible Asset Program (ATAP), and Risk Dispersing Portfolio (RDP) strategies, use 30 years of data to provide investors with diversified exposure to commodities. These strategies use systematic trading to provide a hedge against inflation.

Our enhanced commodities strategies are broadly diversified, long-only commodities futures strategies. These strategies are benchmarked against the Bloomberg Commodity Index and seek to provide investors with the same exposure while providing better risk-adjusted returns.

Gresham’s absolute return strategies use state-of-the-art quantitative trading models. GreshamQuant systematically applies modern trend-following technology to globally diversified alternative markets.


Investors can gain exposure to commodities through:

  • Diversified Commodities Portfolios (DCPs)

  • Physical Commodities

  • Natural Resource Equities

  • Managed Futures funds

  • Commodity Indices